Shahed", a new video clip to be released on Anniversary of Halabja Attack

Shahed (Martyr) is a new song of Dyari Qaradakhi who himself composed the melody. The lyric was written by Mam Hezhar while the music was produced by Ariyan Jalal. The song was recorded at Metronom Studio in Sulaymani.

A video clip of the song is due to be released on the screens of all TV stations on the 25th anniversary of the chemical bombardment of Halabja town.

The new video clip was produced at the expenses of the Ministry of Martyrs and Anfal Victims Affairs. The clip's cinematography is by Biryar Fattah, the script is by Daroun Gezhan who also directed it.


Dyari Qaradaghi's 4th book in the stalls.

In another of his efforts, Dyari Qaradaghi has published his fourth book under the title "Musical beats".
The whole content of the book, in 210 pages, concerns music and song. The publication was funded by
Dr Taha Rassoul.

  Dyari Qaradakhi holds charity concert at Sulaymaniya University

Dyari Qaradakhi and several talented musicians have held a concert at Sulaymaniya University.
The concert was under the patronage of Kurdistan Students Group. Following the concert Qaradaghi
stated: "The current campaign by Sulaymaniya University and Kurdistan Students Group to collect
donations to the Syrian refugees' Children is a blessed humanitarian venture. I wish you all contribute
to the campaign as far as you can and my brethren musicians and I will stand behind the campaign".
Following Qaradakhi's statement at Raparin Ceremonies Hall of Sulaymaniya University on December 19, 2013
and the group's support to aid the refugees' children, today, which marks the last day of the first semester,
the students started to largely contribute to the campaign through donating their valuables.

On Universal Music Day, Qaradakhi is awarded

On the Universal Music Day, the Musicians Centre of Kurdistan Artists Syndicate and the Governor of Sulaymaniya handed out appreciation awards to ten distinguished artists of Sulaymaniya city, among whom was Diyari Qaradaghi. As well, several artistic centres, foundations, clubs and cultural directorates presented awards and wreathes of laurel to the mentioned artists.