Dyari Karadaghy :  is a Kurdish singer, song writer, composer and author of several books on music. Dyari Karadaghy's real name is (Dyari Muhammed  Zahid Omer Kardaghy), He was born on 20 August 1967 in  (Malkandi neighborhood of Sulaimaniya city.

He finished his elementary and secondary schools in his hometown Sulaymaniya city of southern (Iraqi) Kurdistan. He studied Kurdish language and gained his bachelor degree from Sulaimaniya University. He was among the first graduates of the said university following its re-foundation in Sulaymaniya city.

Brought up in a music- loving family, his musical talent was recognized as early as the 1980s.

Although he wrote many songs before (1991), his first debut was on the screens of Gali Kurdistan TV. He soon became popular when his recordings appeared on other TV screens across the southern Kurdistan.


  • Sarab  (Mirage ) 1994.

  • Ashq Lera (Love here…)    1996.

  • Sadayak Be Aramy (A century of apprehension) 1997.

  • bony Khak (Scent of Earth)  2000.

  • Nishtimanek La gul (A land of flower) 2003.

  • Sardameki Tr   (Another Age)  2007.

  • Rey Baran (The Rain Path ) 2011.



  • Mydia Hall / Sulaimaniya  1st Aug.1996.

  • Roshnbiry Hall / Sulaimaniya 1997.

  • Roshnbiry Hall / Sulaimaniya 1998.

  • Sulaimaniya Hall / Sulaimaniya 2000.

  • Roshnbiry Hall / Erbil  2001.

  •  Roshnbiry Hall / Sulaimaniya 2007.(CharityConcertfor the victims of Thalassemia ).

  • Copenhagen /Denmark 2008 (Sponsored by Kud TV).

  • Stockholm / Sweden 2008.

  • Roshnbiry Hall / Sulaimaniya 2008 (with Sahand Band).

  • Nuremberg / Germany 2009.

  • Talari Hunar Hall/ Sulaimaniya 2011

  • Sulaimanya university 2012


  • Winner of the Best Clip for his song (Sarokakan) awarded by KURDSAT TV 2001.

  • Winner of both (Best Singer and best songwriter) in CHWARCHRA Festival  of 2001 for his song (Bony Khak).

  • Winner of three prizes; best melody, best music arrangement and best performer, in KURDSAT TV competition of 2001 for the song (bony Khak).


Other Cultural Activities:

  • Author of three books on music.

  • Editor in chief of Harmony magazine.

  • Second Editor in Chief of Shakar Magazine.


Current Occupation:

Public Relation Manager at Art and Culture Directorate in Sulaimaniya.